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We are an Edmonton sign company committed to helping businesses reach their goals, establish their brand, provide a creative solution, and we strive on helping you make a difference. Our 3-dimensional letters, push-through letters, backlit / halo-lit channel letters , non-illuminated letters  and flat signs are all built locally at our sign shop in Edmonton, Alberta. When it comes to signage & graphics let us be your choice.

We will provide you with a rendering of the channel letters mocked up on a photo of where you are looking to have it installed.

Our automated bending machine ensures precise and perfectly shaped channel letters every time.

We make sure all of our electrical products meet the CSA industry standards.


“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Steve Jobs

Quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Value For Your Money

Unbeatable value for CNC work and quality Signs that offer superior visibility, impact and quality.

Our automated process allows us to produce faster, accurate and meet your deadlines.

No matter where you are, we will deliver to your doorstep. Call us for a quote today.  


Enter a new dimension


What is a Channel Letter?

When it comes to Building Signs a  LED lit 3D channel letter has the most impact!

How is it made?

Our Channel letters are made with Aluminum edge any color you like with a High impact Acrylic face again with color of your choice.

Because the main bodys made of aluminum it will not rust. The high impact face means years of durability.

The back of the letter is just as important for the look of the product. We use a ½”thick waterproof PVC backer board that attaches to the building and is designed to leave a clean seamless edge on each letter, your logo is represented perfectly instead of close enough like the old fashioned  “trim cap” plastic edged system. Our Modern system leaves a clean edge and no plastic trim to crack and weather off.

Better by Design

We have invested a large amount of money, training, time and effort  into a Computer Aided Design, Cut and Manufacture process. Don’t get us wrong the human element is still very much alive we can’t build perfection with machines alone just ask Elon Musk of Tesla. 

Our machines are calibrated to 2 thousands of an inch, that’s less than half a human hair thickness.  There are plenty of old school builders out there using a old antiquated process with plastic trim caps and sloppy tolerances.  

What does that mean to you? We are dedicated to producing a Top Quality product. With closer tolerances and a Modern system you can expect your brand to be represented perfectly with a clean edge and a lower cost of manufacture all combining to give you a superior product at a better price